Baby Names

There is no process that myself and Jen have been through together, that has been as drawn out as much as compiling a list of potential names for our baby.

Car journey’s, pre-cinema drinks, weekend coffee & cake rituals, sitting on the toilet, these have all now been dedicated to time spent scrolling the internet for lists of potential names. If we’ve got time to drive, drink, eat and shit, then we’ve got time to look at some more names!

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4 Things I’ve Learned About The Second Trimester

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that I was writing about the first trimester. But here we are, the start of week 24, and heading towards the end of the second trimester (gulp!).

If only it took just a little longer to make a baby. If only there were just a few more “mesters” to get through. We could call them Quintmester or Sexmesters. Then maybe we’d have more time to figure sh*t out! Who wouldn’t enjoy a good old sexmester? Actually, I think I may have stumbled across a sexmester once when I was exploring the wonders of the world wide web back in 1996! But now’s not the time for that kind of confession!

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Can You Feel It?


Putting your hand on your partners tummy and feeling your baby kick for the first time is quite a magical moment. Everyone knows that.

What you might not know is just how many times you have to sit or lie there with your hand on that beautiful bump before you feel anything other than the scalding look of disappointment from your baby making buddy when you respond to the question “Did you feel that?” for the 73rd time with the answer “No”.

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What Men Don’t Know About The First Trimester

We’re 18 weeks into this journey now and every day is a school day. I’m learning new stuff about babies, pregnancy, hormones, my partner, even myself. So I thought I’d share some pearls of wisdom about the first trimester, the first 14 weeks, that me being just the clueless daddy to be, had no idea about.

Bigger Boobs Aint All That

Yes! It’s one of the first changes you notice. Great isn’t it? Those sweater puppies have never looked so good! You can’t stop staring at them, thinking about the fun you can have with them, watching her rub Bio-Oil into them. Unfortunately, watching, staring and thinking is about as close to those fun bags as you’re gonna get for the foreseeable future. Your gals boobs might get bigger, but they also get sore. Like out out of bounds sore. You have to give advance warning that you’re diving head first into those chesticles! One little twist, flick or accidental nudge and you’re going to “share” that pain my friend.

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Let’s Talk Pushchairs

Do you know the difference between a pushchair and a pram? How about a buggy or a stroller? I didn’t. Well, I still don’t, really, not without a good old google to be sure.

“A pram is designed to carry newborns and younger babies, usually while they’re lying down. It’s sturdy and generally can’t be folded flat. A stroller is lightweight and collapsible, ideal for older babies. A buggy can be a pushchair or a stroller, depending on who you ask!” – Source: Baby Centre

Well there you go. Clear as mud huh? Or is this just another one of those cobs, baps, rolls or barm cake situations. Seriously, a “barm cake”? We all know they’re called “cobs”!

For the sake of this post, let’s just assume I’m talking about a pushchair. I think I am, so that will have to do for now.

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