About Me

Jack RyanHi! I’m Jack. Creator, editor and head chef at i Dad this.

That’s me and my partner Jen after an utter soaking at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando last year. What an awesome holiday that was!

We recently welcomed to the world a beautiful baby girl. So I thought I’d share some thoughts, fears, experiences and general observations with anyone who wants to listen. From the early days of just finding our we were expecting, up to the adventures of raising a child. Not that I know much about that yet.

For those who would like to get to know me better but don’t want to take me out for a beer, here are some random bits of information about me.

  • I used to be a singer on a cruise ship, sadly my career took a different direction to that of Jane McDonald.
  • I’m a massive fan of Nottingham Forest FC, which can be seriously hard work at times.
  • One of my favourite things is coffee & cake in a decent coffee shop (yeah, I’m that guy) and I’d love to actually own my own coffee shop one day.
  • I love chocolate, sweets, cake, pudding, dessert, pretty much everything sweet…but take my coffee without sugar. Go figure!
  • 9-5 I’m the Agency Manager of an Entertainment Agency in the UK.
  • I once had an unfortunate incident after consuming an entire box of dried apricots. Too much info? Bet you wish you’d just bought me that beer now.

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