Vitamin Zzzz

Cat nap. Forty Winks. Disco Nap. Power Nap. Who doesn’t like to take a nap? I think the moment Jen knew that I was the one for her, was a few years ago on a cold winter’s Sunday afternoon.

We’d been out for lunch and just got home, both feeling pretty tired. While contemplating what to do next; light the fire, watch a movie, laundry (exciting times), I made one of those kind of suggestions that could make or break a relationship in it’s early stages.

“Fancy a quick…nap?” I said. My thinking being that we could get the fire going and curl up on the sofa for a journey to Naptown with Netflix on in the background. Upon hearing this (surely not to be taken that seriously) suggestion, Jen immediately flew upstairs, closed the curtains and was in bed, horizontal, eyes closed before I could even say siesta!

When anyone wakes up from a nap, albeit 10 minutes later (if you’re me) or 30+ minutes later (if you’re Jen, and probably the rest of the world) you open your eyes and check your phone to see how long you’ve had, and you feel great. Even if you’ve only had 10 minutes, your body thanks you for that little bit of Vitamin Zzzz.


Pippa is the same. She wakes up in the morning, or after a nap, the happiest little human. She’s always so pleased to see us.

On the flip side, when she’s tired, she is, shall we say, not the delightful little girl you see looking cute as a button on my Instagram. Some children, when they get tired, fall asleep while eating their dinner, or leaning against a wall, or slumped in a chair. Not Pippa. Tired Pippa is a shouty, moany, slappy, whingy Pippa.


The cure, is simply a nap. So we have to plan for it. We know when she needs to nap, and know what happens if she doesn’t nap.

Because of this, every single day has to be planned with thought to where, when and how Pippa will be able to get some kip. After a lot of trial and error, resulting in a lot of tantrums, we now know that Pippa is an afternoon napper. Just after lunch, around 1pm or 2pm is best. Not everyone is the same though. Some are morning nappers. Some are both. Pippa used to be both.

Sadly, this means that we often have to say no to meet ups, lunch dates, or ask to meet  friends earlier. It sucks to be honest. Although I do love a Brunch date!


DD2FC307-ADE9-4753-8B0B-9E7938182D6FIf friends of yours with little ones do this to you, please don’t let this annoy you, or think that they’re being awkward. Quite simply, they don’t want you to see their little one at their worst, and they don’t want you to see them when their kiddie is at their worst either. It’s hard work, stressful, and down right embarrassing. Especially if you’re out in public, in a coffee shop, restaurant, or even at the supermarket. You can’t help but feel the glares, hear the tuts and see the frowns from people nearby.

So sleep tight teeny humans. Get some rest. Wake up happy.

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