Pip & Peach Design

I’ve been pretty quiet again on the iDadthis front recently. Mainly due to a new startup that my wife has been working on that I’ve been helping get off the ground – Pip & Peach Design.

It’s amazing how your evenings soon disappear when you get home, have dinner, put your little one to bed, then work on a new business! Before you know it, you’ve missed the latest episode of the Apprentice, your mug of tea’s gone cold, and you’re falling asleep on the sofa with your laptop on your lap. That cat doesn’t half get jealous that the laptop is getting all this lap time!

My wife is a Designer and former Creative Manager, with around 15 years experience within the Greetings Cards industry. An industry that looks to be on its arse at the moment, well, at least the big brands anyway. She paid the price for that, and while she was getting ready for Maternity Leave last year, it was announced that her entire studio and office were being made redundant.

Awful timing you might well think. At the time we thought that maybe we were the less effected ones due to us planning for her to be off work for a year, whereas others would only have a very short space of time in which to find another job before the pay cheques stopped coming in. In hindsight, nobody was any less effected. Having more months to look for work was no benefit when you’re raising a child from birth.

PaPD Logo CroppedSo this year, Jen made the decision to go Freelance. This would enable her to work for clients and brands that she was happy and proud to work with, and also allow her time to set up her own brand in order to sell on websites like Etsy and at local fayres and markets. And so Pip & Peach Design was born. “Pip” coming from our daughters name (Pippa) and “Peach”, well, that depends on who you ask 😉


As a small design business, along with Jen’s freelance work as a Designer, they create hand illustrated, personalised and off the shelf prints and commissions. From New Baby and Nursery Prints, to home and local landmark illustrations. You can find them on Instagram & Facebook (@pipandpeachdesign) or Etsy (PipandPeachDesign).

It would mean a great deal if you would follow, like, take a look at, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say purchase any of her designs and help support a small business. We’ll be at Fayres/Markets at Pitsford School, Delapré Abbey and Vintage Retreat over the next few weeks. The dates are on her Facebook page. If you’re in the area, make sure to come and say hi.

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