Countdown to Nursery

Due to our own particular circumstance, we’re at the stage now where Pippa is 15 months old, and so far we have been able to rely on close family when it comes to babysitting.

Grandma & Grandad (mostly Grandma 😉) or Auntie Helen & Uncle Jamie have always been available and able to have Pippa whenever we’ve needed them. Whether it be for Jen to go to work or to a meeting, or on one of those rather rare occasions where we’ve been out on a “date night”.

Starting in January, Pippa will be going to Nursery two days a week. It would have been sooner, but the actually Nursery we’re taking her to isn’t open yet. It’s a new one, part of a local chain, that’s opening in our village. Talk about handy! Like all big building and renovation projects, it looks like there’s going to be delays with the opening, but fingers crossed nothing more than 2 or 3 weeks.

Now, I’m fine with Pippa staying with her Grandma for the day. I’ve dropped her off in the morning and picked her up in the evening a few times now. I miss that I don’t get as many photo’s or updates as I do when she’s with Jen, but I don’t have any problem leaving her in that safe pair of hands. But the thought of leaving her with a group of strangers, albeit trained professionals, absolutely terrifies me!


I know it’s something that we have to do, and lots of people do do (hehe, do do. I’m so immature!) but I’m really not looking forward to that first day that we leave her there. I believe that we’ll have a bit of a soft introduction, where we’ll all go in together and get her used to the people and surroundings. Then maybe start with a couple of half days. But I’m still dreading it.

Later this month, Jen has to work on a day where there was no family day care available, so she had arranged with a highly recommended childminder, that she would have Pippa for the day. It makes sense. People do that all the time. But the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me.

Pippa is a very happy and social baby. She smiles at everyone, waves at everyone, and doesn’t really cower away from anything (except loud fireworks we’ve recently discovered). So she will most likely have been absolutely fine with that arrangement. But the thought of leaving her with someone I’ve never met, for nearly a full day, in a house I’ve never been to… I just couldn’t do it. Sorry. So my work have been kind enough to let me work from home that day.

I know I’m a worrier. I really do worry. I think it’s just in my blood. It helps me with my work sometimes in the sense that I look at situations or ideas and think about any concerns, if it’s a realistic requirement, or the practicalities of certain processes (blimey, my job is more interesting than that sounds I promise!) but when it comes to being a Daddy, that just translates into being a full-time worrier. I’m like Arthur bloody Christmas! I’m gonna get us there on worry!

Surely I’m not the only one? I expect that there are lots of parents who struggled at first when sending their babies off to childminders and nursery’s. Maybe that struggle never goes away? I sure hope it does!

Lucky for me I have my wife, the rock, (no not THE Rock) who’ll be there when we leave Pippa at the nursery for the first time, to reassure her worrying wreck of a fella that everything is going to be ok. I’m sure that’s meant to be the other way around?!

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