Pip & Peach Design

I’ve been pretty quiet again on the iDadthis front recently. Mainly due to a new startup that my wife has been working on that I’ve been helping get off the ground – Pip & Peach Design.

It’s amazing how your evenings soon disappear when you get home, have dinner, put your little one to bed, then work on a new business! Before you know it, you’ve missed the latest episode of the Apprentice, your mug of tea’s gone cold, and you’re falling asleep on the sofa with your laptop on your lap. That cat doesn’t half get jealous that the laptop is getting all this lap time!

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Countdown to Nursery

Due to our own particular circumstance, we’re at the stage now where Pippa is 15 months old, and so far we have been able to rely on close family when it comes to babysitting.

Grandma & Grandad (mostly Grandma 😉) or Auntie Helen & Uncle Jamie have always been available and able to have Pippa whenever we’ve needed them. Whether it be for Jen to go to work or to a meeting, or on one of those rather rare occasions where we’ve been out on a “date night”.

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