Decorating the Nursery

One of the many jobs on our pre-baby to do list, was to decorate the baby’s room. I had thought that this was indeed one of the jobs we absolutely had to get finished before “us two” became “us three”. Since then, I’ve learned that the baby will not actually sleep in its own bedroom for several months. Maybe as many as six! Six months! That’s like, quite a lot of months if you ask me. It turns out that there’s actually more chance of me sleeping in the baby’s room than the actual baby itself during those first few months. I mean, as long as I can get a TV in there, I might be alright.

Regardless of that minor development in my further understanding of how this parenting lark is going to work, we’ve finally reached the point where the baby’s room is finished. For now at least. I say that, because there is still going to be a bit of a picture feature wall that needs to be done, but we need some pics first and general baby memorabilia to make that happen.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve taken off an old dado rail, filled in some holes, sanded surfaces down, painted the ceiling, walls and woodwork, put up shelves, pictures, laid down a rug, and filled it with your typical baby room cute stuff. By the way, omfg do I hate painting ceilings. Painting a white ceiling white, might just be one of my least favourite things to do, ever. I think I might even prefer weeding the back garden than painting a white ceiling white! There is just no fun to be had in that. You just cannot tell where you have been and where you haven’t until it’s all dry, you’ve washed your brushes and rollers, put everything away and then you look and notice all the dodgy patches! Ffs!

iDadthis Nursery 5


I’d like to say that I had a major input into the design and feel to this bedroom, but that is definitely not the role I play in this relationship. Jen is far more creative than I am, has far more patience with Pinterest than I do, and to be honest, is just a lot more interested in colour schemes and such. I trust Jen 100% with choosing how we decorate each room in this house. Don’t get me wrong, I have a say, and if I really don’t like the sound of something, then we won’t do it. But if I’m just not sure, or I can’t imagine how something will look, then I’m more than happy to trust her judgement. So far everything has worked out fine. And I think this little one’s room looks gorgeous. Oh yeah, and I actually picked the rug!

iDadthis Nursery 2

It is hard when it comes to decorating a baby’s room when you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl. Sometimes neutral can be so dull. But I love the look and feel to this room. When the baby arrives, we’ll then add some extra touches to make it a bit more boyish or girlish.

One thing which we have done which may be cause for discussion, is the inclusion of some plants in the room. I mean, they look great (we think), but there are some who would argue that having plants in a bedroom is a bad thing.

That’s because, like humans, plant respire. Through the magic of photosynthesis (high five for me, I didn’t even have to google the spelling of that one!), they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen during the day, and emit carbon dioxide at night (when there is no sunlight). Actually, there are some plant which do the reverse, so I’m generalising here.

So I did do a bit of research into the matter, and it turns out the amount of carbon dioxide which they produce at night time is less than a person or a pet. So essentially, you are better sharing your bedroom with a few plants than you are sharing it with your partner or your pets.

In fact, NASA (yes that NASA) actually promote that certain plants are beneficial to have in your bedroom to help combat colds, insomnia and tight chests. These include Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant and Snake Plant. You might want to google that though if you want images.


What are your thoughts on plants in the bedroom? Do you have any? Please leave you comments below.

Oh yeah, and…gulp…it’s t-minus 3 days until due date!

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