Top Tips for an awesome Babymoon

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the phrase “Babymoon” was initially used in the mid-nineties to describe a bonding period between parents and baby immediately after a child’s birth.

Nowadays the phrase is mostly used to refer to a holiday or vacation that a couple who are expecting their first child take while they are waiting for that little bundle of joy / sleep steeler to arrive.

We’ve recently returned from our Babymoon, which was an amazing and relaxing week spent in the stunning TUI SENSATORI Resort Sorgun, in Turkey.

We regularly acknowledged while we were away, that this was another one of those “last time” events or occurrences, which kind of lines up with lots of aspects of our normal life that we shall be shelving in just a few months. Such as…

  • Getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep
  • Leaving the house on time (although to be fair, that currently only happens every now and then)
  • Spontaneous holidays or weekends away
  • Watching anything other than CBeebies on the telly
  • Generally being available in the evenings

So if you are planning a babymoon, one last chance of romance before the big day, here are some things you may want to consider.

Fit For Travel

Be sure to check up on the NHS and Fit For Travel websites regarding not only where is safe for your pregnant partner to travel, but also where and how she is allowed to travel. Depending on how far along she is, some airlines may not allow her to fly or may require a doctors letter to prove that she is fit to travel. Also check with your insurance provider that it covers her for medical both in transit and in your chosen destination.

Adults Only?

When choosing where to go, consider the time of year and just how many families and children might be there. Ideally pick an adults only hotel or a resort like TUI SENSATORI that caters for both couples and families. We lay by the adults only pool, ate in the adults only section of the restaurants and attended the adults only comedy show. It’s all about the zoning!

Dig a Belly Hole

A view of the beach lined with sunbeds with a calm sea and a pirate ship sailing close to shore.

Depending how far along your baby making buddy is, she might not be able to lay on her front anymore. I know this is a repeated frustration for Jen who’s preference is to sleep on her front. Don’t get me wrong, she can sleep anywhere and I mean anywhere, but apparently not being able to lay on her front is a real bummer. So here’s a neat trick. Head down to the beach, find a spot where you want to set up camp for the day, and then dig a whole roughly the size of your partners bump. Then cover it with towels and ta-dah! You’ve got yourself one happy lady who can finally get face down and horizontal. Add an umbrella for some shade and waiter service and everyones a winner!


I know you’re probably heading somewhere with a hotter climate, but it’s likely that you will still want to indulge on the occasional hot drink. Be sure to take some decaffeinated coffee (or tea) for your partner (if she’s choosing to avoid caffeine during her pregnancy) that you can use both in your room and maybe even around resort, just in case they don’t have any as standard. It’s also worth looking up the translation of the word decaffeinated in the favoured language of your destination. Our hotel had decaf coffee and they were always happy to use it, but a few bar staff didn’t know what “decaf” meant. So get translating and ordering will be much easier.


A beautiful brunette lady sat at a restaurant table with turkish bread, 4 different dips and a glass of lemonade.

It’s only when you are in an all inclusive resort that you realise how your options are limited if you are avoiding both caffeine and alcohol. We were fortunate, our hotel had a non-alcoholic cocktail menu, although as you would expect, this was not as vast as the options I had when it came to choosing what I wanted to drink. Before you head off on your holiday, why not look up the recipe of some nice sounding non-alcoholic cocktails to ask the bar staff to make for you. You’d be surprised how friendly and accommodating bar staff are to a lady with a big old baby bump. If this is too much of a faff or just too awkward for you or your partner, try giving up your favourite soft drinks in the build up to your holiday in order for them to be considered a treat when you arrive.


This maybe the last time that you go away when you’re allowed to be annoyed by everyone else’s children spoiling your peace without that little bit of understanding that only a parent has. Kids running around at the airport, crying babies on the plane, parent’s letting their kids run wild etc. There are a few ways that you can handle this on your babymoon. Either holiday in an adults only resort, practice being patient and understanding (very difficult) or choose this opportunity to vent, moan and get all that annoyance out of your system, providing it doesn’t leave you in a negative place. We chose the latter, but constantly laughed about it because we knew that those crying babies and fretting parents might very well be us next time.

Stay Hydrated (and close to the bathroom!)

A pregnant lady wearing a white cap sat on what looks like ancient ruins.

Its obviously very important that your partner stays hydrated while pregnant, and even more so when while flying, travelling in general and when visiting somewhere with a hotter climate. So make sure that she drinks plenty of water while also ensuring that you are never too far away from a bathroom/toilet. This can be harder than you think. Watching entertainment in the evening? Sit near the end of the row. Choosing your seats on the flight? Try and get an aisle seat. Heading out on a day trip? Make sure the coach has a toilet. Going for a wander around the local town? Keep an eye out for where the restaurants and cafes are. It’s amazing how quickly it can go from a little giggle between the two of you that your partner needs the bathroom again, to “I NEED THE BATHROOM AND THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”.

Don’t Forget Your Notes

As with going anywhere while pregnant, make sure you take your notes with you. Add them to your list of vital things to check you have when you leave the house. Passport, spending money, phone charger and hospital notes.

Fun Time in the Sunshine

There are lots of different views when it comes to sunbathing and pregnancy. Be sure to do your research before you travel and make up your own mind. Our view was to ensure that Jen wore very high factor sun cream, took regular “shadey” breaks, didn’t fall asleep in the sun (without me awake and next to her), had garments to cover up her tummy from time to time, stayed hydrated and just made sure that her core body temperature did not get too hot.

A pregnant lady on the beach wearing a bikini with

So there we have it. Wherever you choose to go and whatever you choose to do, have fun. Relax. Take advantage of that extra time spent in bed in the mornings. Grasp any opportunities that might not be there in a few months. And enjoy just how many smiles and nice comments you receive from your fellow guests when they see that baby bump. Happy babymoon!

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