Review: Bloc Hotel Gatwick

Earlier this year I spent a night in the Bloc Hotel at Gatwick Airport – South Terminal.

It was all a bit bizarre at first, walking around the airport with my luggage, but instead of heading to the bag drop off, I was looking for directions to “Bloc Hotel”, which is actually very conveniently located near departures.

Check in took about 2 minutes. Maybe even less. It was so fast that I actually thought the guy was going to say in his best Bond Villain voice “Ah, we’ve been expecting you Mr Ryan”.

After I had my key card, I jumped in the lift and headed up to my room.

The corridor definitely had a cruise ship feel to it, a likeness that would continue once inside.

When I opened the door, I immediately turned into 14 year old Jack and my inner monologue could probably be heard from the room next door as it yelled “coooool!”.

The room was all cute and compact in size, which they don’t shy away from in their marketing, yet the bed looked huge! Now, I’m 6’3″, so it takes a lot for me to consider a bed to look huge. My feet have dangled over the end of many a bed in years gone by. But not this one. There was plenty of room for two of me. Although if there were two of me, we’d both be hogging the left hand side, so there’d still be room for another! What a weird thought trail that has lead me down! Let’s move on.

Bloc LGW Bed

I’d opted for a Vista Double Room, which came with a window. Not the most exciting view in the world, but then I was at an airport. Rooms with better views were available for a higher cost. But my decision to pay a tiny bit more for a room with a window was validated shortly after discovering the touch screen panel/tablet built into the wall next to the bed.

From here I could turn on and off the lights in the room, adjust the a/c temperature, and (cue my 14 year old inner monologue again) open and close the electric window blind.

The shower/wet room featured a modern looking monsoon shower and was plenty big enough for lanky old me to shower without banging my elbows. Showering next to a full length mirror was definitely a first for me. I won’t linger on that bit.

With hooks to hang your coat, a couple of funky looking coat hangers and space under the bed for storage, it felt like a brilliantly designed cruise ship cabin.

Other room features included a Samsung HD LED TV, Ambient Mood Lighting and that all important free Wifi.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start a romantic getaway with your partner, this might not be the room for you. There’s plenty of room in there for the both of you, but that toilet might be a little to close in proximately to the bed if you catch my drift. No pun intended.

But if you’re a solo traveller, a business traveller, a couple just looking for a convenient, cool and quirky place to stay, or even a family, then this is definitely the place for you. There’s a room for every taste and budget. Take a look for yourself!

Bloc LGW Instagram

Just to add, to this day I’m not sure if the “Vista” window was a one way window. As in, I’m not sure if the people outside could see in or not. If they could, then maybe I should apologise to that airport worker who may or may not have been greeted by me in all my glory as I was playing with the window blind in the morning. It was totally worth it though!

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