5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of month so far, so I am very much still new to all of this. And when I say “new”, I mean haven’t got a scooby doo what’s going on.

SEO, Moz, DA, Yoast, PR, Self Hosting, Crowd Sourcing, Adsense…seriously, the list of stuff I don’t get just goes on and on!

So while there is still so much more to get my head around, here is what I HAVE actually learned so far.

1. For every 10 people who follow you on Instagram, 8 will unfollow you faster than you can say “tilt shift”!


It’s really f***ing annoying! I was all happy when I reached 100 followers, giving myself a high five, doing a little mini victory dance. Anyway, the next time I checked, it was down to 98! Then back up to 101! Then 99. Then 100! Then 99 again. Seriously. WTF?!

2. Some people just don’t get it.

Question Mark

I’ve had some truly lovely feedback about my blog and linked social media accounts. It’s really uplifting and nice to hear the positivity around it. But then there’s always that small handful who make that passing snide comment, that funny look and pure bewilderment as to why you’re writing a blog. I wonder if they realise the weight of their comments are much heavier than the uplift of those positive ones? As much as I try for that not to be the case.

3. Everything you see you is a potential picture.

Camera Phone

I take a lot more photos of pretty much everything now. Whether it’s a meal, a drink, a tree, the sky, my desk. I might not know what I’ll use it for, or why I’m taking the photo, but sometimes it’s a single random photo that can inspire you to write something.

4. Daddy Bloggers everywhere.

Dad Blog Beard

There was me thinking that it might be original to write a blog from a new daddy (to be) point of view and that I might stand out in a world of mummy blogs. Nope. The world is filled with daddy blogs. And some pretty awesome ones at that. And you know what makes it worse, loads have them have got a much better beard than me and still have a full head of hair. B*****ds!

Aside from that, there are some seriously great and successful Daddy blogs out there that I can look up to and learn from. And the dad blog community has been very welcoming.

5. Choosing the right photo is hard.


Seriously hard! I have lost evenings searching through Unsplash and Pexels to find a photo suitable for my blog subject. Sometimes it’s easy, if you’re writing about something you have already photographed. But if you need a photo and, like me, you don’t just use google and put anyone’s picture on your Instagram, you have to get inspiration from the license free images available.

The one that took me the longest to choose was for my blog “What Men Don’t Know About The First Trimester“. I still don’t like it, and it only loosely links to the fact that I wrote that blog 18 Weeks into the pregnancy. But it was getting late and I had to choose something!

There’s still a lot more for me to learn. Just today I started to read a blog about improving your profile and selling yourself to PR’s and such. Half way through I had to just stop reading and save it for later. There were just so many points that I hadn’t even thought of.

Maybe, hopefully, one day someone will actually benefit from my blog. Whether its just a laugh, something to talk about, or maybe something that will help actually help someone in their life. For now, I’ll just take a simple like on here, Twitter , Facebook or Instagram to prove that I’m not actually just talking to myself! It wouldn’t be the first time!

Oh yeah, and by the way…we’re now t-minus 125 days until Baby Ryan arrives! Holy crap!

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