Do We Really Need This Stuff?

Being first time parents to be, we’ve literally been inundated with advice, hints and tips from both experienced and brand new parents. Everyone has an opinion, a way of doing something and a list of stuff that they could not have done without.

Don’t get me wrong, we welcome the advice. Well, most of it. There’s only so many times you can be told “you have no idea” with that look of despair in their eye. Or is that the look of someone who hasn’t slept more than 3 hours at a time for the past 6 months?  I mean, no shit! Right? You mean to tell me that, us, with our lazy weekend mornings, our impromptu weekends away, our 8 hours of sleep a night have no idea what it’s going to be like when we have a baby? That we’re going to be ever so tired. That it’s going to test our relationship like nothing else? That life will never be the same again? Yeah, we get it!

But, like I say, being first timers, we’re happy for people to share their own little gems of advice. Really, we are.

What we have found though, is just how different everyone’s advice can be. One person’s “must have”, is another’s “don’t waste your money on that crap”.

So what we really want to know is…do we really need this stuff?

A Pushchair That’s Compatible with your Car Seat

Travel System

The freedom to transfer your baby from the car to pushchair and from pushchair to car, just for those times when you need to pop out to the shops. What’s the alternative? Picking up that sleeping angel and placing them in their carrycot, but at the risk of waking them up, which then might lead to that really loud noise that babies tend to make when they’re hungry, tired, need changing, bored or just want to absolutely ruin your brief visit to Waitrose for a well deserved cake and (free) coffee.

Let’s get serious briefly…It’s worth noting at this point, that research has shown that you shouldn’t let your baby sleep in your carseat for any long periods, as this might lead to them having breathing difficulties.

Nappy Wrapper/Bin

Nappy Wrapper

This must be aimed at blokes, because I’m all for this one. And it was in fact a new Daddy who recommended this one to me. I mean, it turns your shitty stinking nappies into a sausage like string of sweet smelling bundles of baby mess. What’s not to like? But then, is it really that difficult to put that dirty diaper into a nappy sack and plop it in the bin?

Bottle Prep Machine

Bottle Prep Machine

Another one that has the Gadget Man in me getting all excited. It gives me fond memories of my first Tassimo machine. Instant fancy coffee at the touch of a button. Mmmmm, Carte Noire Caramel Macchiato! Anyway. It’s a machine that adds just the right amount of water to your formula at just the right temperature. The alternative? Pop the kettle on, leave to cool, test on your arm, have £70 to spend on beer, coffee and cake! Ok, who am I kidding. £70 to spend on nappies and baby wipes! It’s an interesting argument!



I know I talked about pushchairs before, but we’re still undecided. Endless parents with that £200+ extra addition to their pushchair/travel system say how they hardly ever used their carrycot and it was a waste of money. However, we do know that the baby should be able to lie completely flat for the first couple of months. Some pushchairs say they have a lie flat feature, but the ones we’ve looked at never go completely flat. Does it depend on if you have the baby in summer or winter? Will you be going on walks outside or staying indoors? Is it just a waste of money or an essential? I dunno.

Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor

“Back when you were a baby, all we had was cloth nappies to put you in, cotton wool to wipe your bum with, and an elaborate method of checking you were sleeping at night consisting of a very fine piece of string with one end held by your father and the other attached to your little toe.”

Ok, that might not be entirely true, but you get the idea of how not everyone welcomes technological advancements as necessities.

I’m pretty sure that I want a Baby Monitor with a decent camera so I can take a peek every now and then. I know many did without monitors all together, while others just have audio baby monitors. But for me, the bigger the screen the better. Am I bonkers or just keeping up with the times?

Well that’s where I’m going to leave this one. I’d love to hear your opinions on the items mentioned above. Do we really need this stuff? Or maybe there’s something else that you highly recommend we look at before our little squirrel arrives. If you’ve got a minute, please drop me a comment below.

T-minus 132 days!


4 thoughts on “Do We Really Need This Stuff?

  • My advise, I wouldn’t bother with the milk warmer. The baby monitor may mean you both just sit watching it the whole time! 🤣 although I’d probably get one now. Back when C was a baby I just had a sound monitor. I would
    recommend investing in a good set of wheels! (Baby wheels that is) 😬👍🏻
    I liked my car seat that was compatible with my stroller. I found the diaper genie to be a waste of money. It stunk so bad that I preferred to throw it straight in the bin ASAP!
    I’m so excited for you both and I love your posts! Keep em coming!


    • Thanks Sarah. Yeah we’re looking a stroller that’s compatible with the car seat we have already. But calling a nappy bin a “diaper genie” makes me want one even more! 😆


  • The nappy bin we had was great, just the thing for 4 in the morning nappy changes. The pram selected was mostly determined on what we could fit into our car boot. We didn’t have anything special for milk.


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