Can You Feel It?


Putting your hand on your partners tummy and feeling your baby kick for the first time is quite a magical moment. Everyone knows that.

What you might not know is just how many times you have to sit or lie there with your hand on that beautiful bump before you feel anything other than the scalding look of disappointment from your baby making buddy when you respond to the question “Did you feel that?” for the 73rd time with the answer “No”.

Gone are those late night cuddles and little chit chats. Instead you’re cluelessly drafted into a grown ups version of the game Sleeping Lions or Musical Statues. You’ll be mid roll when you politely receive the command to immediately stop whatever you’re doing, saying or was in fact planning to do or say with a sharp “Ssssh! Don’t move! I’m trying to feel for the baby!”.

Initially you freeze, imagine like you’re a kid again at Nathan Todd’s 6th Birthday Party. Only this time you’re gonna win this bloody game. Screw you Louisa Dalton. You weren’t even dancing when the music was playing. That’s cheating!
And then you remember you’re not a kid. You’re 37 and lying in your own bed. And if you want to roll over, you’ll bloody well roll over.
Around week 18, Jen regularly started to feel little Baby Ryan moving about. Well it’s either that or gas. But we’re gonna go with baby moving, otherwise this post would turn out very differently.
At the time of writing this, I’m yet to feel anything. I don’t mind telling you that while I’m in no way jealous of the fact Jen is the one growing and carrying our baby and will have to go through that god awful, sorry, I mean amazing and beautiful process called giving birth, I do feel a bit jealous that she is experiencing this whole movement thing by herself. At least for now. It’s that little head start into the bonding process. I’m gonna have to put myself down for an extra shift of baby cuddles in order to catch up! Maybe a daytime shift though. I’m not that jealous!
Hopefully next time we’re playing impromptu musical statues, I might just get a little prod or a kick. And not from Jen this time!
T-minus 139 days!

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