5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

I’ve only been blogging for a couple of month so far, so I am very much still new to all of this. And when I say “new”, I mean haven’t got a scooby doo what’s going on.

SEO, Moz, DA, Yoast, PR, Self Hosting, Crowd Sourcing, Adsense…seriously, the list of stuff I don’t get just goes on and on!

So while there is still so much more to get my head around, here is what I HAVE actually learned so far.

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Do We Really Need This Stuff?

Being first time parents to be, we’ve literally been inundated with advice, hints and tips from both experienced and brand new parents. Everyone has an opinion, a way of doing something and a list of stuff that they could not have done without.

Don’t get me wrong, we welcome the advice. Well, most of it. There’s only so many times you can be told “you have no idea” with that look of despair in their eye. Or is that the look of someone who hasn’t slept more than 3 hours at a time for the past 6 months?  I mean, no shit! Right? You mean to tell me that, us, with our lazy weekend mornings, our impromptu weekends away, our 8 hours of sleep a night have no idea what it’s going to be like when we have a baby? That we’re going to be ever so tired. That it’s going to test our relationship like nothing else? That life will never be the same again? Yeah, we get it!

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Can You Feel It?


Putting your hand on your partners tummy and feeling your baby kick for the first time is quite a magical moment. Everyone knows that.

What you might not know is just how many times you have to sit or lie there with your hand on that beautiful bump before you feel anything other than the scalding look of disappointment from your baby making buddy when you respond to the question “Did you feel that?” for the 73rd time with the answer “No”.

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I Think I Wanna Marry You

Upon announcing our engagement before Christmas, I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of people interested to hear how I proposed. Did I have a ring? Did I get down on one knee? Did she see it coming? Ok, I say ‘people’, but really it was just you ladies. You fella’s out there really couldn’t care less. The extent of your interest was “nice one”.

So anyway, I thought I’d write a bit about it here. If anything, it might help myself and Jen to remember the occasion long after parenthood has taken its toll. T-minus 146 days for anyone counting. Sorry the pictures aren’t up to my usual standard.

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