16 Weeks Baby!


On Wednesday we celebrated 16 weeks of the art of baby growing. It literally does feel like a mini celebration each week. Knowing that our little squirrel of a poppy seed is growing and developing at such a rate. This time growing into a full on orange. And I’m not talking about those little so called easy peelers. Oh no. I’m talking one of those full on, cut it in to quarters at half time, shove it in a stocking for Christmas, big badass oranges. Ok it’s just an orange. But to me it’s significant.

With it being 16 weeks, we had our second Midwife appointment yesterday. I say we, but I’m pretty sure it was all about Jen and not so much about me. Every question was most definitely aimed at Jen. Which is fair enough, although I did step in at one point.

“And how are you feeling emotionally?” The Midwife asked. Well I just couldn’t leave that one without interruption.

“Oh Jen’s fine” I said. “ she’s as solid as a rock. Me however, I’m an emotional wreck! I cried yesterday at a Valentines Day card!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna pretend like I’ve never shed a tear at a movie, like Mr Holland’s Opus, I Am Sam, Patch Adams, Die Hard…ok maybe not that last one. But I do seem to be a bit “on the edge” lately.

It might be a combination of the realisation that I’m gonna be a daddy and just being really under it at work at the moment. I don’t know. But every time we plonk some new bit of kit in the baby room, I start to get all…gooey.

Yesterday when I opened a Valentines card “from the bump”, telling me how much they love me already, well that was me done for the day. At 7.15am! God knows what I’ll be like when baby arrives!

I’m pleased to report that all went well with the Midwife. We were even lucky enough to hear our little squirrels heartbeat. Apparently around 140bpm. Galloping along like a winning horse at the races.

Now there’s just 4 weeks to go until our 20 week scan! Which I expect is going to fly by, just like the last 4!

See you soon little squirrel.

T-minus 165 days!


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