The Big Reveals

Here’s a question I never realised needed so much thought. One night Jen asked me “how are we going to tell our families?”.

I didn’t realise the need to be imaginative in our approach. But then Jen held up her phone.

One of the multiple baby growing apps that she was using, had examples of how to tell people the exciting news.

“Look at this one” she said, as we watched some…well, pretty boring videos of people all over the world telling their closest friends and families they were gonna have a baby.

It turns out that when you don’t know the people in the video, it all just seems pretty dull and not as exciting as you’d think.

Yet watch the videos we did, while Jens google search quickly became accustomed to the phrase “how to tell people you’re pregnant”.

In the end we had quite a lot of fun thinking of how we were going to let the cat out of the bag.

There were several family members and close friends who we decided to share the news with face to face over Christmas. Each at a time we thought appropriate and each with a different method of attack. Including a well planned and perfectly executed Christmas present reveal to the Devon clan, and a bun in the oven gag with a close friend, featuring, you guessed it, an actual bun…in an actual oven. How funny are we?!

Don’t answer that.

With carefully placed phones capturing these brilliant moments, we were able to look back and laugh at the reaction we received from everyone. Each one so different from the rest.

I would share these videos with you, but I know some poor fella somewhere will be made to watch them thinking “when you don’t know the people in the video, it all just seems pretty dull”.

One thing I noticed when looking back through the videos, were the hugs Jen received immediately after the big reveal. Not like one of those tall awkward hugs I’ve been known to give out from time to time, but the real deal, full fat, no holding back proper hugs. It reminds me that while we talk, fret and engage in this exciting yet daunting journey, we’re not alone. We’ve got a pretty decent network of friends and family to hold our hands along the way. You guys rock!

T-minus 172 days!

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