Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

There are some questions in life that I can answer without even thinking about it.

“Football or rugby?”


“Salt and vinegar on your chips?”

“Yes please!”

“Tea of coffee?”


However, there’s one question both my partner Jen and I keep getting asked that neither know the answer to.

Throughout this pregnancy, we’re going to have to make all kinds of decisions. Baby monitors, pushchairs, baby’s room decor – these are all up for discussion. And they’re just some of the easy ones. The one thing right now that we just cannot seem to decide upon, is whether or not we should find out the sex of our unborn baby.

It’s not that we disagree, or both have alternative views. Not really. It’s just that we both just really don’t know which is the best way to go. I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure.

There are people in our lives, family and friends, who have experience both sides. Some are all for not finding out, while others say it’s better to know.

So let’s have a quick look at some of the reasoning behind why we might or might not want to find out, and see if we can come out of this with a better understanding.

A child called it – I really don’t like the idea of us or others referring to out little squirrel as “It”.

It’s a boy/girl – I’ve been told the moment your partner gives birth and you first find out, is the most amazing moment that will stay with you forever. Awwww.

Pink or Blue – While it’s not for our generation to refer to boys as blue and girls as pink, shopping for just about everything is easier when you know the sex of the baby. So I hear.

Well I think you’re having a – Let me stop you there Barbara. I’m not that bothered what you “think” you know because of the way my partner is carrying our child, or the fact that last week she was craving nachos and cheese, or because she’s not really suffered that much from morning sickness. Just because you read something on your Facebook feed, doesn’t mean you are now an expert in this field. At the end of the day, you’ve pretty much got a 50/50 chance of being correct. Or not.

Shhhhhhh – There are hardly any genuine mysteries in life. So few happy surprises. So why not just learn to live with the secret. Embrace the not knowing. After all, there’s no bad answer to the question “is it a boy or a girl?”.

It seems to me, that the practical person in me, the one who likes to measure twice and cut once, the geek who has a drawer full of identically folded t-shirts, that guy, he wants to find out the sex.

The old romantic in me, the one who kisses his partner on the forehead, open’s doors and holds up umbrellas for her, that fella, he doesn’t want to find out.

It’s a tricky one. And I’m still none the wiser. I don’t know what we’ll decide, or how we’ll come to that decision. But I’m pretty confident that whatever decision we do make will be the right decision for us.

…and when I say “we make”, obviously I mean “my partner makes”!

T-minus 177 days!