What Men Don’t Know About The First Trimester

We’re 18 weeks into this journey now and every day is a school day. I’m learning new stuff about babies, pregnancy, hormones, my partner, even myself. So I thought I’d share some pearls of wisdom about the first trimester, the first 14 weeks, that me being just the clueless daddy to be, had no idea about.

Bigger Boobs Aint All That

Yes! It’s one of the first changes you notice. Great isn’t it? Those sweater puppies have never looked so good! You can’t stop staring at them, thinking about the fun you can have with them, watching her rub Bio-Oil into them. Unfortunately, watching, staring and thinking is about as close to those fun bags as you’re gonna get for the foreseeable future. Your gals boobs might get bigger, but they also get sore. Like out out of bounds sore. You have to give advance warning that you’re diving head first into those chesticles! One little twist, flick or accidental nudge and you’re going to “share” that pain my friend.

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Let’s Talk Pushchairs

Do you know the difference between a pushchair and a pram? How about a buggy or a stroller? I didn’t. Well, I still don’t, really, not without a good old google to be sure.

“A pram is designed to carry newborns and younger babies, usually while they’re lying down. It’s sturdy and generally can’t be folded flat. A stroller is lightweight and collapsible, ideal for older babies. A buggy can be a pushchair or a stroller, depending on who you ask!” – Source: Baby Centre

Well there you go. Clear as mud huh? Or is this just another one of those cobs, baps, rolls or barm cake situations. Seriously, a “barm cake”? We all know they’re called “cobs”!

For the sake of this post, let’s just assume I’m talking about a pushchair. I think I am, so that will have to do for now.

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16 Weeks Baby!


On Wednesday we celebrated 16 weeks of the art of baby growing. It literally does feel like a mini celebration each week. Knowing that our little squirrel of a poppy seed is growing and developing at such a rate. This time growing into a full on orange. And I’m not talking about those little so called easy peelers. Oh no. I’m talking one of those full on, cut it in to quarters at half time, shove it in a stocking for Christmas, big badass oranges. Ok it’s just an orange. But to me it’s significant.

With it being 16 weeks, we had our second Midwife appointment yesterday. I say we, but I’m pretty sure it was all about Jen and not so much about me. Every question was most definitely aimed at Jen. Which is fair enough, although I did step in at one point.

“And how are you feeling emotionally?” The Midwife asked. Well I just couldn’t leave that one without interruption.

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The Big Reveals

Here’s a question I never realised needed so much thought. One night Jen asked me “how are we going to tell our families?”.

I didn’t realise the need to be imaginative in our approach. But then Jen held up her phone.

One of the multiple baby growing apps that she was using, had examples of how to tell people the exciting news.

“Look at this one” she said, as we watched some…well, pretty boring videos of people all over the world telling their closest friends and families they were gonna have a baby.

It turns out that when you don’t know the people in the video, it all just seems pretty dull and not as exciting as you’d think.

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Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

There are some questions in life that I can answer without even thinking about it.

“Football or rugby?”


“Salt and vinegar on your chips?”

“Yes please!”

“Tea of coffee?”


However, there’s one question both my partner Jen and I keep getting asked that neither know the answer to.

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