Our First Scan

Friday 22nd December 2018

12 weeks is one heck of a long time to go without any reassurance that there is still something magical happening inside your partners belly. You want to be positive and start having those conversations that you’ve never had before, like baby names, do we want to know the sex, who will be the baby’s favourite parent. Yet there’s an inner battle of not wanting to get carried away. Just in case. Anything could happen during those first few weeks, and even the weeks that follow. Not being able to see or hear proof that everything is going ahead as planned is really hard.

It’s no wonder people turn to private clinics who offer ultra-sound scans. Just so they can get an early glimpse at the miracle.

With us due to see both mine and Jen’s families over Christmas, we decided that we would let them in on our little secret with them at that time. But we didn’t want to let the cat our of the bag without a little picture of our bundle of joy. Not without knowing for sure.

So off to the wonders of Google we went, in search of local clinics providing this service. There were surprisingly quite a few options within an hours drive of home. But after reading a few reviews on a couple of sites, we opted for Insight Ultrasound in Northampton.

It’s amazing how one or two simple reviews can help you make a decision like that. Hopefully this will help someone else make that same decision in the future.

It’s conveniently tucked away near the General and Three Shires Hospitals, and should anyone see you, it doesn’t really give away the reason that you’re there. It looks more like a dentist practise, or even your Grandma’s bungalow!

Just a slight warning…there’s a doorbell. Well I say doorbell, it’s more of a buzzer. And for some reason, that buzzer scared the bejeezus out of the both of us when we pressed it. I’m not sure how a doorbell or buzzer can make anyone jump out of their skin. But boy oh boy, it sure did!

The lady who greeted us was lovely, knowledgable, reassuring, kind, all the things you would want from someone who is about to let you know if all those pee sticks were right!

After what felt like an eternity of focusing on a large black void, which turns out was Jen’s full bladder, and after a quick glimpse of what I thought was a squirrel (still no idea what that was), there was the miracle. Right before our eyes. A little blob that we were assured was our baby.

“There’s definitely just the one in there” she said. We smiled and tried not to show just how relieved were were to hear that there was only one. Not that we would have begrudged having twins, after all, we’ll take whatever blessing life gives us. But, well, you know.

While it was too early to see arms, legs, junk and such, we were able to see that little squirrels heart beat. Beating away, keeping great rhythm. Definitely doesn’t get that from its mother!

IMG_2737 2
Yup! That’s the beginning of a baby alright!

We’d definitely recommend Insight Ultrasound for anyone wanting to take an early peek. Or not just an early peek. They offer dating, anomaly, bonding, growth, presentation and gender scans. We were so glad that we went and left happy, knowing that we’d made the right choice.

I might even have shed a slight tear while in there. Not Jen, she’s made of iron! Me however, I’m just a blubberer!

T-Minus 211 days!

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