T-Minus 249 Days!

Friday 24th November 2017

“It could take months of trying. Maybe even years.”

“Well be better get started then!” we thought.

After all, we wanted to do this while we still had a bit of a spring in our step. And the “trying” part was something I was particularly looking forward to.

Fast forward six weeks later and BOOM! Months of trying my a**e!

I’d come home from work to find my partner lying on the bed. My first thinking was that one of the 27 apps she had downloaded during the past few weeks was telling her that the moon and stars and ovaries were all aligned – it’s baby making time!

But instead she handed me a card in an envelope labelled “I’m sorry for being so emotional”, following a bit of a tearful discussion just a few days earlier. I thought – the silly sod, she didn’t need to apologise, let alone give me a card.

I did think it was a bit of a strange apology card to be honest when i saw it. “Me plus you = three” said the cover. I’m not sure what that had to do with her getting a bit teary eyed.

However, upon opening the card it soon became clear the real reason behind the card, and what the front cover actually meant. We’re gonna have a baby! Dude! I’m gonna be a daddy!

Talk about mixed emotions. I was ecstatic, excited, emotional and absolutely bloody terrified! Surely it’s too soon to be scared. I didn’t care. It was (very) early days, but I knew just how lucky we were to even get that far.

Pee sticks were double checked, discussions regarding how she had actually kept this a secret to herself since Monday, and excessive hugging undertaken. It was now time to begin this next chapter of our lives. Oh no, I bloody hate keeping secrets!

T-minus 249 days!

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