Our First Scan

Friday 22nd December 2018

12 weeks is one heck of a long time to go without any reassurance that there is still something magical happening inside your partners belly. You want to be positive and start having those conversations that you’ve never had before, like baby names, do we want to know the sex, who will be the baby’s favourite parent. Yet there’s an inner battle of not wanting to get carried away. Just in case. Anything could happen during those first few weeks, and even the weeks that follow. Not being able to see or hear proof that everything is going ahead as planned is really hard.

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T-Minus 249 Days!

Friday 24th November 2017

“It could take months of trying. Maybe even years.”

“Well be better get started then!” we thought.

After all, we wanted to do this while we still had a bit of a spring in our step. And the “trying” part was something I was particularly looking forward to.

Fast forward six weeks later and BOOM! Months of trying my a**e!

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